Rusted through-bolt

Hey Guys, I was inspecting a 15 year old cabin yesterday and ran across something I would like some opinions on. The cabin had a vaulted ceiling. The through bolts that secured the collar tie to the rafters were rusted. Has anyone ever ran across this? Wouldn’t it take leakage or elevated humidity to cause this?

How rusted were they Tommy?
Humid rental cabins would not be uncommon. It didnt have a pool in the basement did it? :smiley:

Some of those cabins leak air like crazy also.

Hey Sean! No pools :slight_smile: As far as the bolts go, man they were pretty bad, definitely more that just a little. I have pics, just not on me. I really think there was something going on with the insulation and/or ventilation that was causing issues during the hot/humid months. You could tell that condensation had been accumulating on the ceiling as there was stains on the surface finish. The exterior of the cabin was also COVERED with fungal growth.

It may be just from lack of use. Another cause may be too much shade. I have seen a couple places on the hill where the shade prevents things from drying out, both outside and inside. Lots of mold and fungi inside and out.
I would say the bolts are just an indicator of a bigger issue.