Rusty Flexible Armored Cable

Does the presence of heavy rust warrant an evaluation by a sparky?

112109 205.JPG

112109 205.JPG

I’d say no, but I would be concerned about “why” it is rusty…

No further evaluation is needed. It needs to be replaced. It is a potential fire and shock hazard.

60 years in a crawl space will rust just about anything.

Chances are it is older “BX” type cable so the outer case is not an EGC. However, be careful of flippers using it to install 3 prong plugs and fooling the 3-light testers. UL never approved “BX”'s outer jacket as an EGC.

My opinion is that an electrician should look at the entire cable and evaluate it in that merit but i also believe it should be replaced, but let the electrical contractor make that call…you simply call it out and leave it at that.

Hmm…Learn something everyday…Thanks Paul…!!

The entire house was 3-prong, ungrounded. I called that out and showed a photo of the armored cable and recommended it also be evaluated. Thanks guys.

Awesome JOE…You made a GREAT call !