RWS Inspector Services Group opens up $500 contest to all InterNACHI members.

October 2010
RWS Inspector Services Group Announces a New Contest for ALL InterNACHI members (you need not be our client to participate).

$500 CASH!

And we’re going to do it every 3 months…first contest winner will be chosen on DECEMBER 1st, 2010-

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your idea on how we can improve any of our products/services…RecallChek, 90-Day Warranties, Call Center, the Termite Protection Plan, even the ADT Inspection Program. It can be anything from new features to ways we can help inspectors market their business to simple procedural changes that would make running your business easier. It could even be a new or redesigned product. Maybe it’s a topic you’d like us to do a webinar on. Sky’s the limit.

  2. We will pick the top 5 to 10 idea submissions and email them to over 3100 registered users of our products and services…and we will ask them which is their favorite.

  3. The winner will be announced by email on DECEMBER 1st, 2010- and they can choose between $500 cash (okay, it will be a check), $500 credited to their RWS account, or a $500 gift certificate to any of a number of vendors in the home inspection industry (list forthcoming).

And that’s it!

Submit your ideas to:

You will get a response indicating our receipt of your email.

Submissions due by November 10th, 2010 for the first round.

Nearly everything we’ve added to our products has been by the suggestion of a client. Thank you all for your support in helping us deliver superior products to home inspectors and their clients.

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Signed up on the 25th and haven’t heard a word since.

Nothing but BS and marketing calls after I returned the call.

Now Nick, these are the people I am taling about. Why do you continually support them when they do not follow through with thier promises? Weed these people out and protect the member the best you can.

Russell, I can’t believe that Nick can see this coming. This guy might agree to all the right things and then he’s a dud. Posts like mine and Paul’s do more to weed out than anything else.