????'s about the pre-license education

1st- I am new so I hope this is the right place to ask, if its not please point me in the right direction

I moved to Texas this year from Florida to manage/ babysit a commercial real estate project that I have had for almost 8 years now. Long story short is I love Real Estate and Construction and have to much free time out here with nothing to do so I am planning on obtaining a " Professional Inspector" designation as that would also allow me to be licensed in Florida whenever I do finally return. ( I like Texas but I was born and raised in Fl and all of our family is there)

My plan is to go the education/ experience route with 328 hrs and then submit the letters outlining 5 yrs of experience (I assume building over a hundred units of housing and renovating a few hundred more, qualifies)
Does anybody have any experience or recommendations for an online or at home program (have all kinds of free time HERE) that will get me the 328 hrs. Have seen tons of options thanks to google but was hoping for some real world opinions. Thanks

And let me say I found this site just a few days ago, but I already love it, I have spent more than a few hrs already reading threads, this place is an amazing resource for both knowledge and entertainment

The TREC website can answer your questions re: recommendations for training. I do not know the Fla licensing requirements but be aware, Texas has no HI reciprocity agreements with any other states at this time.

This should be all of them.


I have no specific suggestion for you.

Thanks for a response

I have that list and have been looking them up and comparing them but was hoping someone might have some firsthand experience with one of them. Does anyone think there may be a better forum to ask than here?

You could try over at inspectionews…

Just watch out for flame war action there. E.g.the slightest mention of FPE, or romex derating is cause for major cyber fistfights. :stuck_out_tongue: