S&P: Shutdown Cost U.S. $24 Billion, 0.6% GDP In Projected Growth

Actually, you are somewhat correct, because I already had the right to have a gun… the 2nd amendment merely reaffirms that right and reminds congress that they may not infringe on it. The 2nd amendment doesn’t grant me any additional rights… it isn’t there for me at all, technically. The 2nd amendment is merely a reminder to congress. So technically, you are correct. A reminder to congress shouldn’t mean anything to me. It’s not my reminder. The 2nd amendment is like a post-it note on the janitor’s mop reminding him not to mess with anything on my desk.

I know big numbers are hard to get your head around, but look at the title of Joe’s post. It complains that this cost us $24 billion. The Federal Reserve prints $85 billion out of thin air every month just to cover all the extra spending our government does that it can’t afford each month. It does this month after month. Remember when they were all claiming they were finally going to taper QE in September and I came out on this message board and told you they were all lying? What happened? http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/think-fed-going-taper-qe-sept-say-qe-never-ends-83514/

They are printing the dollar into toilet paper to the tune of $85 billion a month, month after month, so don’t worry about $24 billion.

No kidding and with the dovish Yellen about to be Treas. Sec. the likely hood of tapering is almost gone.

Congress is complicit in this because they ultimately have authority over the Fed.

There will always be an excuse to not reduce FED paper buying and the thought of unwinding their current positions is almost laughable.

Eventually the rest of the world will decide not to hold U.S. $$$ and buy U.S. debt.

Then it will end very badly.

We have added $7 Trillion to the debt for a current total of near $17 Trillion in just the past 5 years.

All in the name of the economy and jobs.

Hello? It’s not working and they have painted themselves into a corner.

Time to call Sarah…


She ran a huge surplus in Alaska.

The Supreme Court said it was okay.

The supreme court judges are appointed for life by the president. That would be like me appointing Joe Farsetta to be the head of InterNACHI Ethics Committee for life… ooops… uh… never mind. :roll:

They also are confirmed by the Senate.

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Would someone remind the putz that we live in representative Republic and that the constitution is not intended to be used as *** wipe?

I’m impressed Nathan, somebody please, smack me. :smiley:

The problem with Tea Baggers is they are always right and anyone who has a different viewpoint then they do is always wrong. They think compromise is wrong & would prefer to see the country sunk than to do the right thing and vote against the blow hards.

IMO their time is limited, the GOP is FINALLY beginning to open their eyes to reality of what the baggers are doing to & ave done to their brand.

The best thing the GOP could ever do for themselves is to dis-own the Ted Cruz & Sarah Palin types and let them go form their own party.

Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are not going anywhere. :slight_smile:

Somebody has to stand up for the constitution and fiscal sanity and they are more than happy to do so.

Looks like truth, smells like truth, has that unmistakable ring of truth… What am I missing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Democracy is two wolves and a chicken voting on what to have for lunch.

Fixed it for you Michael

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Buy this product or we’ll fine you. That’s progress?

My favorite graphic from the day so far.


You either understand the concept of freedom or you don’t.

Sad that so many just don’t get it.