S trap in the most unlikely place

I guess even the drain cleaning manufacturer didn’t know what a proper P trap was. LOL

Or maybe they knew, thus the need/popularity of their product. :wink:

Curtis, you’re lucky the TPR valve didn’t let go when you took the picture. ;):slight_smile:

That’s where a plug with teflon tape would help…:twisted::shock::wink:

Yes, I noted the extension missing on the TPR valve in my Report. It’s so common here for those to be missing that people think I’m crazy for even mentioning it. Is it just plumbers around here that fail to install the extensions?

Trying to save copper Curtis. :slight_smile:

Cold enough your way?
Down to 10 degrees again tonight here.

It hasn’t been too bad actually. Right now its about 18 degrees F. We had one cold snap for about 4 days where it was -14 degrees F with high winds and snow. But even that was 9 minutes short of officially being a blizzard. With wind chill it wasn’t quite at -40 degrees. All in all it has been a mild winter. Sounds like Canada is the place to be. :cool:

Well Curtis, I think I will take my 34 degrees today over your -14.;):slight_smile: