S-Trap to P-Trap Conversion. New inspection-related graphic to keep on your truck.


Thanks Nick!

Updated the plumbing course with it: http://www.education.nachi.org/show.php?element_id=842&course_id=41

I’ll be using this one all the time! Thanks guys!

Not a conversion, just showing the difference between the two. A conversion would show how the P trap could connect to the existing drain immediately below, and not a horizontal stub. It takes more than simply putting in a new trap in with many of the drains that go through the cabinet floor and not into the wall.

I completely agree.

And you need a drill. And a truck to get the drill.


Correct. I noticed this yesterday just didn’t say anything.

Although much better than the original graphics and a big improvement, many of the new ones lack needed detail or info, or aren’t quite what they could/should be (some are even mislabeled.)

So just remove the word conversion?

The word you need is compared not conversion.

Please tell me if you see something to be edited! That would be much appreciated!

Fixed: https://www.nachi.org/gallery/plumbing/general/s-trap-vs-p-trap.jpg

There you go.

Will do. When i get some time, Ill try and make a more detailed list as well since the first requests were pretty vague :slight_smile:
Thanks again Daryl

Very nice graphic I will use in my HG library, so when I add the comment this graphic will be in place.