"S" trap?

Drank to much coffee lol … I believe this is a S trap.


I don’t think so, looks like a proper P trap. The width of the down turn is clearly wider that the “u” section.


What makes you think it is an S trap ?

I think he explained why — “Drank to much coffee” :stuck_out_tongue:

Does that interfere with vision? :shock:

No my thinking lol. I’m ok now …drank more coffee

Just don’t throw the grounds down that S trap.

Irish coffee?

Maybe the coffee was made with imported, chemical laden, WV water?

The Water Company says it’s safe. Imagine that. Same as the blood banks were safe from Aids back in the early 80’s.

Profit is priority…my puppy still will not drink the tap water, so neither will I…

good idea, use the puppy like the old timer mining companies used canaries.

Exactly…some of my PETA loiving friends don’t agree with my method, but I’d rather lose the dog to cancer than myself or my family…

It actually works. This dog drinks about a gallon of water a day, he is always thirsty. He won’t even take the first lap of the tap water, but drinks up the bottled water, or water that I obtain from a friend down the street on a different water supply than here…

We are the first humans this chemical has ever been experimented on…over 250,000 “lab rats”, we are…