S7- Can't upload 'cause my pics too big:

I love figuring out new technology!
Did my first inspection with the new phone yesterday. It worked great,apart from really sensitive screen edges, the bright screen is great, and boy is it fast! The camera features are fantastic, and super easy to adjust in those backlit or poor light conditions that are so common during inspections. After fully charging the phone overnight, I spent the morning with the phone on, half an hour on hold with music playing, and ended a 3.0 hour 140 pic inspection with 50% battery still remaining. I’m going to get a backpack battery for it (probably the one directly from Samsung which has wireless charging capabilities) for those days when there is only a short time between inspections. Overall, a great first time.
The minimum resolution setting on my S7 is 2560x1440, WAY too big. I can’t upload the report because the file is too big.
I could upload the report to my computer via USB cable, then compress the pics using a compression app, but that’s an extra step I’d rather not take.
I thought I’d found an app that automatically detected large pic files and compressed them, but it’s not for Android.
Anyone know of a work around for this?

Download a second camera app, such as Google Camera, and use it as the default for Companion. That’s what I use on Note 4 and it works great. I have it set at 4:3 - 4.9 mp, no problems. Though now and then Companion will say “timeout failed to upload”, but that is an error, because it always uploads.

ICS+ is great.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll try them on the next inspection.

Some users like a camera app…MX…

Any others out there?


CameraMX app has worked terrific with my S7

Ditto, I’ve been using it for years. Absolutely flawless.

I use my S7 regular phone camera and have it set to 6.2mp. Only had one time if could not upload to cloud and I had to manually tethered it via USB cable. Usually when I take over 100 pictures or have video in my report.

I started using the stock Samsung camera also set at 8mp (4:3) and have had No problems (Note 4). Typically 60-70 photos and a short video or two. I was using the free google camera and it started freezing. Switched to the Samsung and it is a much better camera.

Yup, honestly you want higher MP due to if you have to zoom into the photo when you pull it up. Comes up choppy on lower MP.