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To all members and those interested, we are coming up on the anniversary of the Sacramento Valley Chapter. At our last meeting I asked for input for a big meeting for our Chapter. We would like to have some high impact speakers and a great dinner.

Please note that this type of arrangement takes time and a lot of involvement. I do not expect that everyone help in the arrangements. I will take care of nearly all that has to be done. I do, however, NEED YOUR INPUT!!!

For us to do this we need time and an input/RSVP so we do not waste money and our time. The first meeting was terrific. Nick Gromicko attended among other fantastic speakers. We would like this meeting to be even better.

You do not have to be a NACHI member to reply. We look forward to having the biggest Chapter Bash in California history but we need to know of your interests. Please e-mail me or call me at your earliest convenience. Let's make this 1st anniversary meeting GREAT.

I look forward to talking and answering e-mails in the near future. We are looking at November or December (early in the month) So let's do it!!!

Best Regards,

Patrick M. Sisler
Sacramento Valley Chapter, Founder