Sad Colorado New Year for many

The smoke plume stretches for miles. High winds drove a wild fire into many subdivisions in the Louisville/Superior, CO area. It’s currently estimated that nearly 600 structures have been lost. Homes and businesses.

Picture of the smoke while driving home tonight.

Thoughts and prayers to all of those that have been evacuated and those that have lost everything.


Will do, Michael…sad.


Thoughts and prayers. I hope they can get it under control soon. With the strong wind that may not be easy to do.


Praying for all those affected. Is there a go-fund-me set up for them yet?


There’s many people already setting local things up. Social media is buzzing and many local charities are chasing down news crews to get info out.

I’m sure @gromicko will have something going soon. I would hope anyway. The fire isn’t but a few miles from NACHI HQ.

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Definitely sending thoughts and prayers to those in the Boulder area and those on the front lines fighting the flames.

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Just one neighborhood this morning.



From link on another thread:

One place to donate:

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I am very saddened by the wild fires in Colorado and do hope that all will eventually be OK! Hope and prayers from the gang at InterNACHI-Québec.

Happy New Year to all



So sad, anytime, but especially during the holidays.

Agreed Christopher. Yesterday, so many lost so much and today it’s snowing.

Hey Bert, I found a couple of sites with information on helping.

How to help victims of the Boulder Marshall Fire - Axios Denver

How you can help—or get help—after the Marshall Fire (

How to help the people affected by the Marshall Fire in Boulder County (

How to help with the Boulder County wildfires | FOX31 Denver (


So far no human casualties have been reported.

MARSHALL FIRE: No reported deaths in devastating fire that may have destroyed 1,000 homes in Boulder County | FOX31 Denver (

Can’t say as much for pets though, many stories on social media of animals that were home alone with no one to there to save them. :cry:

Family and friends of mine had there homes erased in the Paradise fire here in Cali.

Survivors will need housing, clothes, food and money. What helped ours were donated RV trailers, cash and food. (Their jobs went up in flames, too, since there was no town anymore).

All of them set up temporary quarters in neighboring towns. They needed help with that. Two moved out of state.

Coloradans who just lost it all need help right NOW from neighbors family and friends. This is a community crisis.

Fortunately, these communities still exist. I hope they do as the good folk from 60 miles around Paradise did. Show the country what you can do.

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Sad news.
Hope everyone can quickly pick up the pieces and move on.