Saddam To Be Hanged - Within Hours

Saddam To Be Hanged - Within Hours.


Do you think they will show it on TV…? I heard their is alot of fighting going on because of it over there…hope our Men and Women stay out of it and are safe.

I know they are trying to make sure that Saddams
body is not brutalized and put on display… which
could cause riots.

The TV cameras will be there, but I don’t know
what they will release.

I hope our guys stay out of harms way too.

In early America, people used to take the whole
family to see a hanging to put the fear of punishment
in the people.

Just reporting the facts… no comments.

If you realy want to watch him die, I am sure you will be able to find it on youtube or maybe ogerish.
It seems kind of demented to want to watch anyone die, but that’s just me.


I agree. However I would like to see him being presented with the “Red Card”…

The begining of a little song from The Sound of Misic Comes to mind…

They say it’s a done deal. El Arabia

Hi to all,

According to a Reuters news feed it is a done deal, I just hope that another martyr has not been created.

Get ready for a lot of bad news courtesy of the idiot factions in the Middle East.

I hope that all coalition service personal are well “hunkered down” this weekend.


Me too Gerry.

Good riddance, its too bad we couldn’t kill him once for each one thousand lives he tortured and destroyed. That would take centuries though, so this one time will have to be enough for the world. And those 72 virgins, I am sure they have better taste. The souls of the entire world should be smiling and content, at least for a minute, then its time to get the rest. And that is all I have to say about that.

Since Al Queda were never huge fans of his, I doubt a label like that will stick.

Never say never David, his Bhathist party had/has a lot of tribal support, I very much doubt that his death with have any kind of stabalizing effect there.

Going to war is easy (and sometimes required), peace is a much more illusive mistress. Personally I suspect that at least in the short term that Hussein rotting away doing a life sentance in a Neutral country may have been the better option.

I sincerely hope I am wrong.



They should open with video of Saddam’s child prisons and federally operated rape rooms followed by video of the mass graves of the tens of thousands Saddam killed with his chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction.


unfortunately I have never known common sense supported by facts to prevail over predudices/entreched postions in these situations.

It’s kinda like agruing with A$hi :wink:


Much of the blood is on American hands for not invading Iraq sooner and ending that Holocost. For Colin Powell to know of those child prisons for years and do nothing… he should hang too. I can’t stand the U.S. State Dept. Long live the hawks.

Nick’s in-out plan for the U.S. to improve the world:

If you find an oppressive tyrant still operating in this day and age, send the CIA in and take him out. If you find your military getting involved in policing or a civil war, get out, bring the boys home, and let that country have their civil war. If you discover a new foreign nuclear program like Iran or N. Korea, send the Air force in to surgically strike and take those nukes out. And finally, the next time the U.N. tells one of our boys to get in to one of their blue uniforms and illegally serve under a foreign commander, the U.S. should pull out of the U.N altogether.

In my opinion, he deserved far worse than what he got for the terror he has caused so many innocent people in the world.

But, in the same breath, I will be praying (more than usual) for our troops who are sure to feel the fallout from the deed finally being done. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for the guys & gals who protect the good old USA & our way of life.


Amen Nick and Carol!!!

OK Nick, gloves off. That is like saying that the deaths caused by serial killers are on the hands of law enforcement for not catching them sooner. WE are the only ones to do anything about it AMERICANS, REAL AMERICANS, Us the British the Aussies and a few, very few, other countries clean up the messes of other regimes, and the only thing we ever get for it is admonished by other countries for both doing it in the first place and not doing it sooner in the places we haven’t got to yet. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. My god man, wake up and pay attention, pull your head out of your CNN “Commie News Network” also known as your kiester. While the Saddam execution was going on tonight, did anybody flip over to CNN? What were they covering? The Peterson murder case, WHAT? Are you F-ing kidding me? How can you more blatently avoid anything that involves news than covering that ancient F-ing history dead case rather than Saddam Hussein? I am surprised they werent finally covering Lincolns assassination. Yes Liberals, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, sorry but true. It is sheep AKA “koolaid drinkers” like you that create the problem in the first place. “No we cant go in there, that would be wrong” OH NOOOOOOOO we might torture people by putting panties on their heads, never mind they are raping and beheading women, children and journalists DAILY who have abosolutely nothing to do with anything, that is fine, that is OK with me, just dont go so far as to embarrass the mass murdering terrorists. That would be wrong. And then when we do go in, and all of this has been happening for years. " Well why didnt we go in there sooner? I just dont understand. It is all Bush fault!!! Take the blinders off, get past your Liberidiot, dumb-as-crap stoner labotomies, and think for yourselves. Marionettes… all of your Ilk or should I say Ick! Dan Rather played with your minds like a cat with a styrofoam packing peanut. Whew! I feel better.