Safe-home laboratory testings

I am starting a laboratory specialized on material safety. The lab has a group dedicated to asbestos, lead, mold, and UFFI testing:

Also we are planning to offer Air Quality tests for Formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

What else can we offer, which would be of interest to Home Inspectors?

If you have any Chemistry questions, please ask me.

As for vermiculite which was discussed before: I personally analysed over 300 Vermiculite samples from the houses in SW Ontario. The overall statistics (approximate) looks like:

Asbestos in Vermic. content Frequency or Probability to encounter.
>5% ~0%
0.5-4.9% 1-2%
0.1-0.49% 2-5%
<0.1% 90-95%

Please note that according to Ontario Reg. Asbestos material is the one with concentration >0.5%