Safe Practices for Home Inspectors' Course

I am using google chrome to upload my assigments and when I go to the forum to up load my image and written assignment the image up load button isn’t there. I have added a picture below. Any suggestions would be great. I also switched to firefox but had the same problem.

p.s the image upload button is showing here for me to use it!


Non-members are not allowed to post images. Are you a student? You need to SIGN-IN to the MB.

Yes it shows me as a student. I need to take interNachi certification course it looks like to be a member. I was unaware of that, I am certified through AHIT. No big deal I will just take the certification here as well.


No, you show as a non-member… contact to get it corrected.

Daniel, sign your membership affidavit: Then log out of this message board. Then log into this message board.

I also just sent you your member username and password in case you forgot them.