Safety glass

Does anyone remember when Safety glass was first required in low level windows in Florida? I thought it was early 80s.

David, I’m not sure on that one, but you may have better luck in the interior section or general inspection group.

This may be of some help.

The history of safety glazing regulation spans a 30-year period starting with the formation of the Consumer Safety Glazing Committee (CSGC) in 1968. CSGC was an ad hoc committee of industry, labor, safety, and general interest groups interested in passage of a model safety glazing bill at the state level. It then joined others in lobbying Congress for legislation creating a new federal agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), with powers to develop and adopt federal safety standards for consumer products that would preempt all inconsistent or non-identical state and local standards.

On November 1, 1973, CPSC granted CSGC’s petition to develop a federal safety standard for architectural glass on the basis of information submitted by CSGC, consideration of injury data reported by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), and a review of data and information gathered by the National Commission on Product Safety. Two years later, in response to CPSC’s invitation, CSGC submitted its model safety glazing bill to CPSC as a recommended federal standard, and, the following year, CPSC published its own proposed standard in the Federal Register for public comment.