Safety glazing next to a more time

Would this window require safety glazing? I can’t seem to grasp what “within a 24-inch (610 mm) arc of the door in a closed position” looks like. (Anybody got an illustration?)

“Glazing, in an individual fixed or operable panel adjacent to a door where the nearest vertical edge is within a 24-inch (610 mm) arc of the door in a closed position and whose bottom edge is less than 60 inches (1524 mm) above the floor or walking surface.”

072930 250.JPG

072930 250.JPG

The mere fact it is so low is enough on its own to require safety glass.

I’ve heard that argument, but don’t abide by it. When it comes to safety glazing, I use the c*de. It’s not reasonable to me to get in a pissing match with a builder, because my client told him he needs to do something based on my arbitrary opinion.

Good drawings in this doc

Nope. Not needed in this instance. The edge of the door that counts is the opening edge, not the hinge edge. If the door had the hinges on the other side AND the edge of the glass was withing 24" of the opening side door edge, (and at that height) it would need safety glazing.

It’s not a well thought out rule if the door knob can hit a window and tempered glass is not required!

Thanks Bruce. That’s just what I needed!

Is this in reference to the doc link I posted?

I deleted my post after Bruce posted his link. I would have hung the door on the other wall anyway. I think the safety glass requirement is for individual safety, like someone tripping as they entered the doorway which wouldn’t matter if they were at the other side of the doorway… as opposed to damage from other forces like a door knob. But then that is what these discussions are for. To talk things out and learn.

Stephen, picture Grandma sitting on the sofa in front of that window watching Jeopardy and a 5 year old slings the door open, which breaks the window onto Grandma’s head. Obamacare immediately kicks in.

Except that most exterior doors are 36" and even the smaller ones are 30" so the 24" rule wouldn’t make any sense. The 5 year old could also throw a ball from 30 feet away and break Grannys window. It is for someone entering the doorway and tripping, maybe putting a hand out to catch themselves, which wouldn’t be on the hinge side of the door.

Is there an inside wall separating the door and window?

Nice diagrams Bruce, thanks :smiley: