Safety Inspections

A bank manager ask me today if I could do a safety inspection on a house that was return to them, Never did one of those, can somebody give me some info on this, ex. how far do you go,what price you charge, what kind of report. Basically any info will be helpful. thank you

I said “Yes, I can.” charged my normal price. did a normal inspection, collected my check. Bank was thrilled.

Can’t beat that, period, end of story.

Ditto on that! Call him back a tell him YES! and you can do all of the houses they get back. Health and comfort inspections…safety inspections…anything they want to call it. You could do nothing but repos and make a good living if you had enough banks using your services.

That is a great idea. I will be contacting all the banks in my area in the near future. This is something I never would have thought of. This should be in Nicks business sucess tips.