Safety & liability inspections

An insurance company contacted me and wanted me to do safety and liability inspections only for them. It is and inspection to evaluate a home or business strictly to find safety and liability issues and report them. We got to the topic of fees, I was unclear of what to charge.
What fee should I be charging? I was thinking are the $250 range? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Until you have a list of what the insurance company wants identified and defined as “safety” & “liability” items I would wait to quote the inspection. Either that or quote them with a detailed scope of what you will be looking for.

There are way to many “safety” & “liability” potential issues that you could wind up performing most of an inspection anyhow just to identify them all if present. If you bid to low you’ll find out the hard way.


I agree with Manny. If you don’t have a scope of work and something happens, because they think you should have written that thing up, away to court you go. And for $250.00, you’d stick your neck out?..I wouldn’t.

Just be very careful what you agree to, Christopher! :smile:

Also, welcome back to our forum, Christopher!..enjoy! :smile: