Safety Recall - Full face respirator

Posted here at OntarioACHI

I think it is Poor taste to get people to go to your web site for this info .
It does not work for me .

Thanks any way all the best… Roy

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Sorry Roy here is the link!

Great info!



Sorry Roy, but if we are to get people to visit the OntarioACHI site to see what we are up to then I’m prepared to use all the implements of the current Social Media Marketing good practices arsenal at my disposal.

I wasn’t intending to be rude, vulgar, obscene which are the regular definitions of “In poor taste” so apologies if it came across that way.

Hopefully Kevin’s link, which is courtesy of Constant Contact and itself not direct to 3M, who seem at this point in time trying to avoid direct implication, will get you there, but it does show that we are at least trying to keep our fully paid up members at OntarioACHI informed both in the Message Board and in the Main site. :twisted:

Best wishes. Keep up the good work.

I would have added Len, that you can find it here along with many posts related to Home Inspection Safety. This would bring more attention to at least visit the site along with the others streaming every 15 min.
It seams though that we have hit a block in participation on MB’s even here because like you Roy I check everyday.