Sag at Opening

Walking in common areas…

That doesn’t look right :stuck_out_tongue: , was a bit “lumpy” on the interior as well.

Ya think balconies are supposed slope towards one another like that?

Thought I’d share.

little bit o' sag.jpg

Seeing as how the gate has the same sag I am guessing you are pulling a fast one on us.

Nope… if there’s a sag in the gate… it’s coincidental. Even if you allow for parallel sag, you can still see the reveal above the gate taper from outside to center. On the interior of the units, there’s about 3" of diff in height over a 15’ area…

The sliding glass doors seem to match the balcony’s slope. Does look off. I’m with Bob, optical illusion!!

Notice the top rails of the two balconies line up straight yet the second floor balcony on the left side section left in the picture is at an impossible angle.
What’s going on here ?

Yes I see the stucco patch in between going vertically.

The simple answer is (but doesn’t photo very well), when you’re looking out from the inside parking area (behind gate) there is a visible sag / dip at the opening, between the two balconies…

The interior floors were wavy as well…sumthin’s a movin.

Place has probably been stucco’d and re-stucco’d and as of recently…patched. Doors opened out of square… posted a pic of one of the interior doors.

door reveal tapered.jpg

Major and creepy structural issue.
Being in California I sure would not stay there.
My daughter is moving west of San Fran and I think shes nuts.

I have a few dozen pics of job sites I walked around from '94 Earthquake in San Fernando Valley.

While I wouldn’t call the first floor “soft”… the pile/pier type of construction for this commercial property lends itself to some specific concerns…

The other problem, of which you’re probably familiar, you find structural defects at a HOA/Condo property… they may not be in a hurry to get a SE over there… and less likely to comply in a contingency period. For us… that’s a little neither here nor there.

Observe and report.

I imagine you called for a structural Engineer on that one.

Tim, that symbol in your signature looks like the bar code that got me onto the plane today using the mobile boarding pass. So… what is it?

QR tag for chicagoproperty inspection.jpg
You need a Android or I phone Kenton.
You must not be reading the forum much.

QR tag for chicagoproperty inspection.jpg

I have an I-phone. That symbol cruised me through LAX today.

You seem to have a pretty good handle on technology.
I’ve never had any training or help in understanding or being able to work with 21’st century technology and it is a major impediment in communication for me. A major @font-face { font-family: “Cambria”; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }obstacle in trying to communicate what I know to home inspectors. It’ds a constant source of frustration.

I’ll be giving you a call after the first of the year, Bob.

It is always on.
As you can see I do not sleep much.:smiley:

Just to give you a less smart a-s answer the symbol is a bar code and the Android/i phones can scan them to go anywhere you wish including dialing a phone number immediately on scan.
Anyone not having theses phones is getting left behind on many levels.
The world is changing fast .

She planning on living on a boat or is she moving to Hawaii ? :shock:

In keeping with the Chicago theme, she is probably moving to Daly City… west of San Francisco you know.

?? Ain’t nuthin’ but water, west of SanFran. Where’s she movin’?

OK got me.
Remember Lake Michigan is east of us over here.
I do the same thing on the south side when the numbers run backwards.
She is moving to Livermore east of San Fran.

Might be nothing but water in the whole area one day is my concern.
She just had the place inspected and I saw the report.Wish she asked me for advice as she went ASHI and I almost had a Heart Attack.
You guys sure love stucco out west.

Well, there is Alcatraz to the West.