Sailing for Dummies

Finally got my boat in the water this week.
Trolling motor pushes me at 2- 3 MPH depending on the setting so I’m good there if I lose wind.

Boat is sweet and sails nice.

“What a long strange trip its been”

Pleasant Lake sail.

Good for you Paul! I figured the trolling motor would work.

Sailing always makes me sleepy too.

Good deal man. Sail on brother…sail on. :slight_smile:

Did a little water activities myself today…

Last time I sailed was on a 74’ yacht, it was the first time I had sailed anything that big. I thought it was so cool for something so big to be moving through the water with no noise. Just the sound of the wake breaking against/behind the boat. I caught a schoolie 6 to 8 pound Mahi that day. :cool:

Yeah, that’s it. :p:margarit:

Looks good. Congrats Paul.

I picked up a new project his week, a 31 ft trimaran with 25ft beam. It is a monster. It needs some work but looks like she will be really fast. When I got her on the trailer the folding arms stuck into the air over 14ft so I had to partially disassemble the boat to get it street legal. With the right trailer configuration she should be trailerable…barely.

Paul, you could try to shave if you are going to post your picture:mrgreen::wink:

I look better when I comb my hair and open my eyes.

Sunlight made me squint :cool:

I think he should have that photo on his inspection website! :wink: