Sales of existing homes (the ones inspectors most inspect) reach a 2.5 year high.

Then, Nick, help me understand why me, Dan B., and several other inspectors have had almost no inspections in the last four weeks? Our business here is off 40% from last year.

Oh, I forgot. Real estate agents, engineers, contractors, appraisers, insurance agents, are all exempt from home inspection laws. Most are doing home “checks” for little or no compensation. It is bad here in KC. Worst I have seen it in over 10 years. You can stand on any block or street corner and see one to three houses for sale. I believe agents are selling them as-is anyway, and not suggesting home inspections. We are needed now more than ever, but are not getting the business.

Gary if you ever get sick of not having more inspections than you can handle, come to Phoenix, I can’t remember the last day I had no inspections, business is incredible, I even worked on Thanksgiving (because I’m greedy)–:smiley:

I think we’re down to about 600-700 inspectors state wide, 1200 or more bit the dust, I have no idea why.

I just cannot figure it out here. I think most of the home buyers are first time buyers, and the agents are not suggesting home inspections. They should. It is 35 degrees; AZ sounds good to me, but grandkids are here and in Dallas.

First Time Home Buyers & Agent telling them they don’t need an inspection sounds just about right to me, considering everything else that is transpiring in your state lately…really Crazy Gary…I understand about the Grandchildren too, it’s a shame you cannot make an honest living being honest, if you followed suit with the unethical self-centered thieves in your state you’d probably be rich—it’s sick really…

Same for the Denver area. Our chapter president Jim Michael is doing 6 to 8 inspections a day, turning down about as many, and has been this busy all year. Jim Krumm has also had an overflowing schedule all year. Both have something in common, they invest in marketing.

There are more sales than ever, fewer inspectors than ever.

Our industry is ending up exactly like the real estate industry with 20% of the inspectors getting 80% of the work and 80% of the inspectors getting 20% of the work. The determining factor?.. marketing.

Nick, I don’t market to anyone, 95% are referrals, the other 5% are Internet searches.

So that isn’t much Marketing.

That is awesome. Referrals are the product of service X client base. If you provide a great service and have a large enough past client base, you can ride your referrals, which only increases your client base.

It’s a sweet stage of the home inspection business that many don’t survive long enough to taste.

For most of us, we have to develop a client base the old fashioned way first.