Sales Tax in CA?

I’m pretty sure the answer is NO, but do any of you CA HI’s charge a sales tax? We’re providing a service not a product… right?

I saw in other posts about this and it seems like it varies state to state.


This question is best asked of your business accountant. You are treating this like a business and not a hobby, right?

No sales tax.

Thanks Ian.

Unless you’re selling plungers or fly zappers to your clients, Ian is right. No sales tax on a HI.

Only when I sell a BIGCrawler to an in state home inspector do we charge tax.

California is not yet taxing services. At some point our Legislators could decide they’re leaving money on the table.

It’s been proposed many times. There is actually currently a proposal in the Assembly to tax at least certain services.

Though it’s never made it far enough out of committee to get anywhere near a reality.

And hopefully, it stays that way.

The California Association of Realtors always comes out strongly opposed to the measure, so it never gets too much traction.

It’s probably only a question of time before THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA gets a sales tax bill pushed through. And FYI, move it afoot to remove the Workers Comp exemption enjoyed by sole proprietors and Independent Contractors (working with multi inspector firms).