Same questions new board

Gee I don’t post much here after retirement but I see the same old questions being asked.


Only you would know they are old…LOL!

I hope you and Vi are enjoying your retirement, Charley. :smile:

Thanks Larry we are, bought a 5th wheel RV and a pontoon boat both keeping us busy. I am struggling with Dales passing.

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So am I Charley, sure going to miss him not being around. Hope you and yours are well.

where are the fish pictures red hat ???

Sorry Jim I am a fair weather fisherman plus I broke the femur bone in my ankle in Feb still got the boot on.

Hope you get better soon Charley.

Along with the same answers Charley. A mix of wrong and right.

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Heal well, Charley!

were You pole dancing again Charley ? I though we talked about that…

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Was that included into the HI fee?

22 years of climbing roofs and never broke a bone. I retire and broke one walking on fricking flat ground.


sorry to hear that partner…hopefully You’ll mend soon…