Sample Letter to Send to the Owner of a Commercial Property Who Asks for a Copy of the Inspector's COI

The owner of a commercial property may want to see the inspector’s COI before permitting the inspector to perform the inspection. That is reasonable; however, when the owner asks for a copy of the inspector’s COI, the inspector should have two goals. First, the inspector wants to be clear that by providing a copy of the COI to the owner, the inspector is not entering into any contract with the owner. Second, the inspector wants to protect his or her own legal interests as well as his or her privacy. For instance, the inspector would not want the owner to distribute the COI to third parties who might then learn who the inspector’s carrier is, what the limits of liability are, and the amount of the premiums the inspector pays for the coverage.

When an owner asks the inspector for a COI, the best policy is to require the owner to sign a short document before the inspector provides the COI.

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