Sample marketing letter to promote your participation in Buy Back program to agents.

Don’t mean to mince words but I don’t think you mean the house that is bought back must be a listing of the agent, but you would list it with the agent that referred the buyer to the inspector

• The home must(will) be listed with a licensed real estate agent (you).who used the CPI inspector

Thanks John

Can we put our company name in the along with all the NACHI.
InterNACHI is mention 9 times if I counted correctly…Way too many times.
I want it to be more about my company with you mention only a few times.
A lot lopped sided.
Write another version.

Why do you want your name in it? InterNACHI is taking 100% of the risk and doing this to help YOU. If your name is on it, it would mean that you will buy the house back. I think this is an absolutely awesome program that they offer and to have a large, international company backing you like that is amazing. They can put their name in another 9 times and I’d be fine with it.

Just my opinion, and as always, it may be wrong :slight_smile:

I disagree. You need your letterhead on there. You’re already backed by Internachi just as you are with your GL or E&O.

It can be done a lot better…Huh?

That’s vague. I know the first question is “where?”

I realize for privacy reasons and such, you can’t disclose the exact address, but it would be nice to at least have a short list of the cities and states of where Buy Backs have happened.

Why would that be nice? How would you use that information?

Anyway, there are many towns with only one participating member, so releasing the town could (in essence) reveal the identity of an inspector who hasn’t given us permission to do so.

Same way YELP doesn’t reveal the last name of the reviewer, but gives a first name, last initial, and location to give credence to it being an actual review and not just words someone made up.

Anyone can claim they did something. Offering additional information or context to back up the claim makes it an easier sell.

But that said:

I see your point.