Sams Club “free membership”

A warning to your clients that have signed up for a “free” Sam Clubs membership. Since they have signed up through an InterNACHI link no doubt their personal information such as email and name has been collected.

Today I went to Sams to do some shopping and learned my “free” Sams Club account has been revoked. They informed me the only one who can revoke an account is the account holder and it appears that someone is other than myself. There was no way I or the store could fix this, they never had this happen before.

I’m embarrassed for any of my clients that have signed up for this garbage. All that glitters is not gold and I got what I paid for.


Thanks, Martin. How sad.


What if you’re the doppleganger? :thinking:

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Sorry to hear it. But I’m not surprised.


So are you thinking that someone may have stolen your identity through the NACHI signup process, and then closed your Sam’s Club account? People do really weird and random crap nowadays but I’m trying to figure out the end game for the hacker in this case.


Ryan I don’t think that at all. Nobody at the customer service desk could give me answer. My wish is that this doesn’t happen to clients that have signed on with the promotion.


I hope so too. What a way to leave a bad impression.

I have never had a Sam’s Club membership. Is there an online portal you can log into and see your status? Wonder if this has happened to others, specifically those that have used the NACHI portal.


Is Nachi still participating allowing sign-ups to access.
Or did something happen to cause everyone to be cut off?

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Marc the promotion was only for a few months. The membership was 12 months after signing up.

I signed up through this promotion. I went yesterday with no issues.


Kids are moved out. Finally ducked all of them, Sam’s, BJs and Costco. Don’t need a 20 year supply of Honey Nut Cherios!


I signed up a month ago…to test it 1st before offering it to clients. I signed up online, picked up my card and made a purchase where the $45 was credited off. I just now checked my online account and everything looks fine and shows my auto renewal scheduled for next October.

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