Samsung Android Camera, perfect for Mobile HIP or HG

I have a mint Samsung EK-GC100 ( Black )
Hot rod lil unit for doing inspections with the HIP mobile from Dominic
or the Home Gauge Mobile app…

Send the report directly to the cloud from the job site or on the road and
finish it on your laptop sitting at a Starbucks between jobs, emailing it to clients in just hrs.

Pics are spectacular with a 16.3 megapixel, 21x zoom…you don’t always have to climb the roof (for you old timers) :smiley:

I have a nice carrying case that you wear the camera on your belt all day in.
and the new box , manual etc… I’ve had it 3 months…

You do not need to activate it through a carrier like I have ATT simply enable the wifi hotspot function on your phone and it is hooked to the internet instantly and able to send reports and receive template etc from the cloud.

Only a fool would pay for two plans…not necessary…

This lil guy will make your inspection day a breeze…

First $275.00 get’s it and I’ll pay shipping…

Buy it for yourself for Xmas…for chriss sakes one lil inspection will get her for ya!

when the lens retracts inward and closes up shop it’s the size of a phone.

Come on boys…


I just ordered a Sony DSC RX 100

this lil Sammy has to find a new home today…

I’ll toss in a six pack of your fav beer … NACHI members only …

Tempted myself.
Kevin did you look at the HXV50 at all as it is half that price.
Your new one only has 3.6 optical zoom…huh?

Love Sony however.

As you know I have the Samsung but have you given up on mobile here ?
Have you tried the new beta with misc ?

Anyway I am tempted so contact me if no takers.

Robert …
Just sold her to a fellow Nachi brother…

Damn Bob you are one sharp cookie…
I noticed a typo on the specs at Amazon where they stated a 16x zoom on the RX100
I contacted them to hold the shipping and change to that very model.
Too bad it lacks the Zeiss lens and the 1" CMOS …
I’m thinking it’ll be fine for my purpose though…

That’s the exact model I’ve chosen instead.
I’ve been spoiled by the Sammy 21X , no going back once you have had that
feature in the field.

I’m just too damn clumsy and hasty with the Sammy android, usually find myself
recording in video mode by contacting the touch screen…]
I cannot have a touch screen on my camera…

I’m going to run the HIP on a 10.1" Sammy Tablet , with the Sony hanging around my

Send it to the cloud for my office support to finish my reports and send em to clients
otherwise my laptop and a few hrs sucking Latte at Starbucks …watching the lil cuties

Kevin I love the Sony G lens on my Hv series cameras.
Zeiss was a made up God. Lol
With Sammy you could have just used as a camera then import into gallery in groups as you go as one option.
Kinda like the misc option on photo because I seem to be faster writing caption text than slotting them.
Going that angle .

By the way if going back to desktop reporting you will love the new camera.
Dale bought some for his group and Jim. K loves his as well.
They really hold out well.
Just try not to hold in open pouring rain much.
The focus speed is amazing which was the best feature of your canceled order.
Have not tried the 50 except in a store.

Looks like a nice one… how well do these hold up in less than pretty places

Tim you see all the messy places I go.
Mine has held up for 18 months.

All of the HV series are built to similar specs.

Which one you use bob?

HXV5 which is I think about 4 years old.

Older but excellent models.

the HXv10 has a few fancy features I never use but the battery lasts longer and can get about 300 shots plus vids.
Just keep a spare battery with but hardly ever use so I rotate them.

The Android I use mainly for testing till I feel 100% comfortable.(almost there)
My style is not to follow a linear path all the time and need to bounce around in my system notes often.

Go in a utility room and you have plumbing water heater (s),Furnace,laundry,sumps,grinder pumps,drains,supplies,floor joists,exterior wall and foundation,below view of bathrooms,chimney cleanouts , etc so I often need to get moving rather than looking at the screen which is my biggest hurdle there.

snap,snap,snap,snap and out helps cut down on site time.

While mobile is the future I still need to use it without thinking because do not wish to distract from my holistic thinking.
Not everyone will get that last comment.

Often let clients distract me to discuss things and keep friendly that way

Hey Kevin
I was on Flickr admiring this picture and check it out by right clicking to inspect elements.
What camera do you think took the shot ?

I swear it is a coincidence.

Bob you’re gonna make a Sony fanboy outta me yet …

I ordered the dual battery and charger for car package on Amazon
and the mandated Leather case with straps from Sony …

I’m pretty damn geeked about this new gear and attack plan.

everything lands tomorrow
strap and case on Thursday just in time have 3 more lined up all week

I grabbed their last one and they’re out of stock, they had 4 this morning ,
I’d say there’s a ton of Xmas shopping going on currently.

I feel Santa may get me a RX 100 soon , but I really need to invest in a
sewer camera first .

Ann Arbor has a **** load of OrangeBurg tile and I need to incorporate this into
my menu to be a complete inspector.

Tomorrow morning I will perform my last inspection with the Samsung Android
thursday I ship it off to Texas.

New Years resolution…
Price Increase…I work way too hard for too little…

Am I able to enable the wifi on the Sony and then access the camera’s file with the pics
on the Micro SD card from the batch add photo feature directly in the HIP program on my PC ?

Then simply turn off the camera?

If so how long does a 200 photo dump take via wifi ?

what pic quality setting are you using when you do an inspection with your Sony?
I’m using class 10 sd cards now and carry 6 with me and utilize 1 per inspection.
jerk it out and place into file with forms for each address (inspection).

I’d like to be able to use a single 32 G card and create separate folders in the camera
menu and store each respective inspection to a preselected folder .

Do not have wifi feature as it costs more and I feel no need for it as straight hardwire is faster.
I normally create 4-5 mp size and then reduce later just because it gives me ability to see details.
One large sd will save more than you will need I am sure.
Personally prefer to delete right away so my cover shot pops up immediately.

Try HD video and look at still shots to get really impressed.

I do not make use of it but the Sony gallery download is great and will help view the vid files.


I’d be a fool not to tuck this away in my tool bag as a back up …
Mr Murphy always shows up and I know better than not to be prepared…

I’m gonna keep the camera… but the Sony is my main battle rifle…

After my first inspection with the Sony I have to tell everybody
The Samsung pales in comparison and doesn’t even feel like a camera
after today.

The real estate agent couldn’t quit asking me about it.
Didn’t have time to break out the new Tablet and use my HIP
mobile though, as the sellers have a new born and needed me to
do a run n gun.

The buyer agreed and told me to rock n roll…so I blasted through it
with 340 pics and get to slot em on the PC in my man cave now.

No problem, life is good and he paid cash…

I love this job as an inspector…