Samsung dishwasher high loop

WHile trying to figure out details on a new samsung dishwasher, no documents for a air gap in the installation instructions.
I called samsung but they are useless and said to call the installer.
Anyone have any ideas.

Page 15 and 16 helpful?:

Maybe it has a built in anti siphon valve?

Just recommend a high loop.
Not rocket science or costly to adjust.

Instructions specify to your region.
Here there is no specifications. Oh well! Hope they like clean dishes.

If there are no regulations in your area then I’d go with the manufacturer’s instructions, which Larry provided.

They say to go by ahj!!!
Its a vicious. Cycle.:o

I thought you said there were no regulations (AHJ). I’d still report in one way or the other the manufactures recommended installation.

I just recommend a loop and go on.

I liked it Larry, it clearly shows a High Loop or an Air Gap. :smiley: