Samsung Q1

Is anyone using a Samsung Q1 in the field for inspections?


No, but I am using the TDS recon rugged PDA pc…its great.

James do you have a link for the TDS?

Thank you.


I looked at the Q1 a while ago Ray and it was not for me. I have a PDA and it is also not for me, too small, too slow, and annoyingly tedious software.
That said it looks like we are in for some new treats soon in the UMPC line of gadgets and I hope there is one that will suit my HI needs.

Check out this little thing…it is coming to the states in October.


Here is another one that is coming soon. It has two operating systems pre-loaded. Vista and windows mobile 5.


Brian and Kevin thanks for the info.

I too am concerned about small size and large enough screen to help my aging sight. :wink:


Kevin why don’t you buy them both and let is know which one works best.;):smiley:

I use a old Fujistu 3400/3500 tablet and it has a 10" screen on it. Any smaller would be a pain to work with. Any larger and it’s a pain to carry around. The weight is about 3 lbs.

I think the key is to find something that will run the software you need to have and be visible enough to see all light conditions.

I use a custom PDF checklist form that I developed for how I inspect and use PDF Annonator as my electronic “pencil”. Everything operates the same as if I were carrying around my old binder with paper checklists in it. Instead of a pen or pencil, I use a piece of software and a tablet stylus.

No, it’s not the latest and greatest. But, it works the way I want it to and that’s all I need.

ha ha…I wish I could. I don’t think the Boss (wife) will let me splurg on another toy.

I just bought the Fujitsu P1610, so I think I’m good for a while.


Thank you very much for the replies.

The Samsung Q1’s were supposedly on sale at Costco over Christmas. I had a few home inspectors purchase them and are now running Home Inspector Pro on them. I was able to remote control one of the guys Q1 yesterday so that I could see how the program looked and I was presently surprised. They have a high resolution (1024x600). Plus when you get a tablet (full sized or mini like the Q1) you are getting a full XP or Vista machine that browses the internet, performs home inspections and other duties.

Link didn’t work for me, Kev . ., .

Like to the Fujitsu can be found here:

it’s specs are almost the same as the samsung q1.

The nice thing is that they run the full version or XP or Vista (I recommend XP if you have a choice). That way you can browse the internet, type up docs, or do anything you’d do on a normal tablet or laptop.

Gimme a week.
In that time, I can either:
download it, if I start now, or;
Download it, when I get satellite (YAY!).
This 12kbps out here in the boonies is finally getting to be too much!
Or, too little.
I’m way too busy this winter to tolerate this any longer. That’s why I got on board with HIP -
To speed up the delivery process!!

Wohoo Satellite! That means you’ll be able to use the live chat on the HIP site and when we many funny sounds you’ll hear them without a 45 second delay.

There’s quite a few Q1’s going on ebay for less than $500. Very tempting. I’m thinking of getting one just to show off at the Vegas convention.

Yeah, I can hear the sound before the smell hits, right?