Samuel Paul Fraudster?

Hey, watch out for this guy Samuel Paul. Set up a home inspection for 7417 Indian Gulch St, Bakersfield, CA. 93313. He wanted to pay by check and wanted my name, address, and email (It’s all on my website). When Spectora sent out the inspection confirmations, he would reply with the same texts that he had already gotten me to reply to asking me to do the inspection on a Friday or Saturday and what date would be ok with me (after the inspection was already set up).

So watch out.

Here’s his contact information:

Samuel Paul

Maybe I just booted a potentially paying client, but it was too suspicious.


I think you followed your gut just fine, Gordon… :+1:

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If you have a few minutes, follow thru with this.


I just have a request from this individual 2 days ago… I just say No after a few text later when he ask me to pay he “special pest guy” the day of the inspection. He make the check for a greater amount of my fess for this purpose.

Watch out!!! This the second guy this year trying the same scheme

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Welcome back to our forum, Hector!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

Yeah, that has been going around for years, Hector.

But thanks! :+1:

Some of the new guys may not be aware of it yet.

Received the same request from this individual in NE Florida. Defiantly a fraudster of sorts

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