San Diego- Local Study Groups?

Hi all,
Apologies if this is posted somewhere, and I just haven’t seen it (I searched but didn’t see anything).

I’m just starting my journey towards certification, and don’t have a construction background, so I’m really at ground-zero so-to-speak. I’m wondering if there are any local study groups, or people in the San Diego area, who are also working towards certification and would be interested in meeting to help each other out?

I realize there are tons of resources online, but sometimes for me, I do better with live interaction and tangible resources. Just looking at the California Building Codes-- I feel slightly overwhelmed; where do I start, do I need to know everything? I.e. Administrative?

I’ve read some other threads, outside of InterNachi, where they just tell the students they have to just suck it up and memorize it… but I am a visual person, so seeing a (LONG) pdf with rule, after rule… I’m worried I will have a hard time getting it to stick.

Otherwise, if anyone has any other suggestions on how you learned all the codes in your local area, I would welcome any/all advice!


Take as many of our free courses as possible: Free Home Inspector Training Courses & Online Classes - InterNACHI

And also attend the House of Horrors: InterNACHI House of Horrors – Training from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Oh ok, I didn’t realize I could do the courses first. The way it was presented on the check list, it shows that I have to do these steps first:

InterNACHI Code of Ethics Course
InterNACHI’s Residential Standards of Practice
Take the Online Inspector Exam
Submit the mock inspections
and Sign the affidavit

Then, within the 1st year, complete those courses-- i.e. inspecting moisture intrusion.

I didn’t realize we could skip the exam, inspections and affidavit, and just jump right into courses. Thanks for the help.