San Gennaro

My birthday is the feast day of San Gennaro. I’ve always wanted to go to Mulberry Street for the day and since this birthday is a big one, I’ve been thinking of scratching that itch this year.

Any advice from our NY NACHI members?

Been there, done that about 10 times. You will have the time of your life. Don’t miss Tony’s Nut House on Mulberry. It’s just like the bar in the Godfather.

Oh man…I could just walk the streets from one joint to the next eating the best Italian this side of Italy.

Have fun…!

Happy San Gennaro Day!

Happy Birthday, Joe !!! :D:D


WOW… didn’t realize you were turning 65 !!! :twisted::twisted:

Have fun. Don’t over-exert yourself !!! ;):smiley:


Actually, I’m “turning” 36 today.

Bullsh!t but happy birthday anyway Joe! :smiley:

John, “Turn” 36. What do you get?

63… I was close!!!