Wow, this year is looking crazy and wild.


Started out that way, but tonight’s episode slow as molasses in January.

Geez, If they were going to get Tony stuck somewhere in a dream at least it could have been at the Bada Bing. :frowning:

One of my most favourite shows. To bad it is likely the last season. The last show I saw was when Tony gets shot by Uncle Jim who is suffering dementia or faking it. Didn’t see last nights show… bummer.

I have to agree with Dale on this,HUH!, but ,I don’t watch much TV

This show has jumped the shark.

I agree with Joe Ferry, show jumped the shark.

What mean “show jumped the shark”? Not familiar with the term?

Got it! Thanks! Guess thats why this is the last season. Then what will I watch? Desperate House Wives? Seinfeld reruns? As the Stomach Turns?

Watch The Shield, a brilliant show. Season finale is tonite.

It comes from the show Happy Days where Fonzie jumped a shark on water skiis. It is the point in something where it is over.

NAHI recently jumped the shark: