Saradise Lost

Ths is an anonymous poll which questions John McCain’s vetting of Sarah Palin for the #2 spot on the Republican ticket.

A veritable cornucopia of Palin’s problems.

I won’t read it anyway but in the spirit of helping someone out, I think they may need a link to what you speak of!:wink:

Once again a leading poll with a missing question.

**None of the Above. **

Do you write polling questions for the Obama campaign?:mrgreen:

How very sad.:frowning:


Michael , you are a true Republican. When you have a question you cannot or do not want to answer you spin it around and throw it back with a different meaning.

So, if it was as you ruminate… None of the above, what then could have been the possible circumstances in which Palin was picked that I did not cover? Please, be as detailed as you like. :smiley:

You can’t be serious…can you?

How about:

Yes - He knew about her warts & all and went ahead anyway, proving he knows a good candidate when he sees one.

Sure I do:roll:

What’s to answer?

The poll is flawed intentionally to get the results Joey wants.:frowning:

I agree , as all of the above should have been included.

Who else is with Me and Mike.

How could we prove that she is a “good Candidate”, what are the qualities of a “good Candidate” and does she possess the qualities?

Very hard questions to answer for sure and that is why there is a vetting process that McCain in his Maverick shoot-from-the-hip style failed to properly execute.

I simply can’t possibly believe that knowing today what we all know about Sarah Palin that her name would still be on the table as a possible VP candidate, and neither does anyone else in their right mind.

Convince us otherwise Mikey.

The answer is, McCaine knew all about the warts,he just forgot.
Just like he forgot how many houses he owns

This wasn’t a poll, in as much as only two answers, intended to create negatives, either way you answered.
Flawed poll in my opinion.

I didn’t like any of the answers, :frowning:

The Obamamites clearly don’t understand the phrase “If you find yourself in a hole, quit digging!”

I know you’re in pain Joe.

It’ will get better as you work through the stages of grief.

The stages are:
[li]Denial:[ul][/li][li]Example - “I feel fine.”; “This can’t be happening.”[/ul] [/li][li]Anger:[ul][/li][li]Example - “Why me? It’s not fair!” “NO! NO! How can you accept this!”[/ul] [/li][li]Bargaining:[ul][/li][li]Example - “Just let me live to see my children graduate.”; “I’ll do anything, can’t you stretch it out? A few more years.”[/ul] [/li][li]Depression:[ul][/li][li]Example - “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “I’m going to die . . . What’s the point?”[/ul] [/li][li]Acceptance:[ul][/li]Example - “It’s going to be OK.”; “I can’t fight it, I may as well prepare for it.”[/ul] [/ol]

May have to give this to Bob in a couple days;-)

Time will tell Mikey, better keep a copy of these things for yourself you never know when they might come in handy. :mrgreen:

A woman’s objection to McCain’s VPILF selection:


                ****A woman — but  why this  woman?****

                        Susan Reimer
                                               September 1, 2008

That’s a shocker, a liberal woman objecting to Sarah Palin’s selection! :shock:

Sorry about your loss too Jim. My heartfelt condolences.