Sarah Palin for President.

Ditto! :mrgreen:

It’s just more dirty tricks from the Republicans, Bob.

In preparing for the debates, the Democrats plan to have her seductively eating a popsicle while Biden tries to answer the tough questions.

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The Obamacans are grasping at straws now. It must suck now having to contend with charismatic woman with a competing message of “Change”. And they thought the beating the Obama man took at the hands of McCain at the Saddleback debate was bad, wait till this woman goes up against either him or his lame running mate …

Freudian slip Jim:p


Still slobbering all over her picture…she’s hot!!!

I hope Obama appoints her to some very visible and public office where she has to bend over and pick up a lot of stuff.

The Happy family
Al Grillo / The Associated Press
New arrival: Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, hold their baby boy, Trig, on April 23 in Anchorage. Palin’s fifth child was born April 18 with Down syndrome.

This blog has a semi nude photo ofher. Hot!!!

It all depends on the time of the month.

I am so proud of Sarah Palin it makes me very excited. She loves her 5 children,
pro life, gun rights, moral ethics, and God. Excellent VP pick.

And don’t forget…she’s hotter than a whole pile of Texas HI legislation.

For those who may have missed it.

Sarah Palin

Just heard she is an NRA member too. Sweet.


She also poses for men’s magazines. Hot!!!

Yep…I can hear those conservative Evangelical housewives running to the polls, now.:smiley: :smiley:

Johnny and the MILF - 2008


I can tell you’re flustered.

The last three links you have posted do not work. :wink:

BTW- this is a public section.

Jim, Jim, Jim,

Shall I post the pics of you for all to see?:shock:

If that above pic is any indication, she would get tossed from my van unless she had gas ,or grass. (just kidding):slight_smile:

I love you guys.

No substantive issues with Sarah just innuendo and BS pics.

Keep it up boys. Your true colors are showing.

You know you are in trouble. He he he he he :slight_smile:

LOL…I love McCain’s choice of a MILF. I now have a reason to watch the GOP Convention.

Still searching eh Jim?

:D:Dtee he tee he tee he :D:D