“Sarah Palin’s Alaska”

My wife and I have been married 20 years and this was the first time we watched a complete TV series together.

I like hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. This was the best TV series I have seen about what I like too do.

Frank you better buy the DVD series, or wait for reruns. The shows been canceled.

NOT CANCELED…Sunday was the last show of the series try again…lol… it was only a 10 or so shows to begin with…

canceled, ended, over, choose what ever word you wish. the show is done

Turn out the lights!


All episodes were shown. I think they covered it all. How much more do you think they need?

Maybe a few more hundred…lol… You could spend a life time up there and never see the entire state! Alaska is such a awsome place…if none of you have ever been up there its a must on your bucket list in my 2 cents…wife and I are planing a 2 to 6 week trip now for this summer…cant wait…wife is ready to move there yesterday…lol…

Animal rights activists and animal lovers alike were outraged during an episode where Palin killed a moose on a hunting trip…

These people suck azzzz… its called hunting! Palin Rocks! now if I could get my wife to shoot…lol…

Stick a fork in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care if it was for just one season, I enjoyed what I saw.

me and grizzly bear last summer in AK…Katmai NP…

I am going to get that shot gun Sarah bought at that gun shop. I could use it in Memphis

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