Sarasota Meeting Under Way!

We would like to welcome Joe Ferry to Sarasota Florida! He is here presenting his Law and Disorder Seminar!

thanks to the Shisilla’s, Russ, Joe, Greg and others for a very informative meeting, things are looking up.:smiley:

What a great day! Lots of pics to come.

Thank you to all who made today happen. You are truly changing an industry.

Well done! Kudos to all and a thank you to Russell for buying the libations. It was a GREAT meeting, lots of good information shared. Michelle, I have a fresh box of hand grenades:)

Well done

Let me know if you guys would like to do one in west palm beach. We would be more then happy to set that up. Great to see everyone

And a great time including education was had by all.
Thanks to all who went out of their way to make it so special.

Great meeting! Joe’s seminar was very informative. Thanks to Russ Smith, the Shillia’s and evryone that put it together. Looking forward to the next meeting.

It was a very informative meeting. We see on this board HIs talking about liability and the fear of getting sued bla bla bla. If you have not been to hear Joe or followed his blog I recommend you do so. His knowledge and passion of our business is reassuring to me. Building a killer defense before you do your Inspections now seems easier than I ever imagined. Thanks to all that put this meeting together And Joe for coming down. I cant wait for the next time we get together. Let’s take Florida and make an example of true Professional Team of Inspectors :slight_smile:

We had a great meeting and great guest speaker, Joe Ferry. Thanks to Joe Ferry for his Law and Disorder Seminar. Congratulations to Joe Burkeson, he was elected as our Chapter Education Vise-President. I suspect we will see some great things coming from him. The best part was seeing everyone, I had a great time.

Here are some great photos from our chapter meeting. A HUGE Thank You again to Joe Ferry for his Awesome seminar… and I just have to say has a Chapter we are so lucky to have the best members. It is the camaraderie and those who volunteer and contribute that make this chapter so very successful. THANK YOU to All. :slight_smile:

It was a great meeting once again. There were inspectors there from all over the state. Joe Ferry did a great job. Information that every home inspector should have.

Welcome aboard Joe.

Michelle I am going to have to keep an eye on you next time. You have my bald head in about ever pic. O well the joys of growing old.

The next meeting is planned for Gainesville. Hope to see you there.

Greg, maybe you should do “The Donald” aka Trump.

Greg… DON’T… do “The Donald”… it is just down right SCARY… you look great :slight_smile:

Awesome meeting. Great to see everyone. Welcome aboard Joe B. Look foward to the next one.

It was a great meeting. Michelle is right we’ve got the right people in the right places. What a graet group to work with!

Another great meeting informative and entertaining. Thanks to the Shishilla’s and to all that put forth the time and effort to have the meeting in Sarasota. This truly is a devoted group and I am honored to be associated with them all.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful and informative day, it was really good to meet you guys.
Michelle, thanks a lot for your help with all my questions. Hope to see you all at Gainesville.
Thanks again for a Great meeting.

As being fairly new to the inspection part of the housing business, I’m proud to be a part of this group. My thanks to Michelle, John, Greg, Joe B, Russ, Joe Ferry, and the rest for a job well done.