Satisfied and Experienced Spectora User

As a user of Spectora for over a year now, I can safely say the software is powerful, while remaining extremely user-friendly. As a matter of fact some have to unlearn workarounds as the user flow is so simplified.

Inspection Software: platform independent, incredibly fast onsite reporting, truly onsite publishing capabilities, automated built inspections day of inspection (always have latest changes), and more.

Business Software: What makes Spectora even more powerful is you can run an entire business right out of the gate with online scheduling, automated emails, client and realtor tracking, online payments, and basic admin metrics.

Spectora allows 5 free inspections that can be used at your leisure and if used as trial reports can be deleted and used over and over again.

*No, I’m not getting paid. No, I don’t receive discounts for promoting. No, I don’t receive anything for my glowing recommendation. Just a satisfied user that will promote products I believe in. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.

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Very nice.

Do they pay or provide discounts for endorsements?

I doubt they need to. Everyone loves them.

No, they do not. I actively promote products I believe in and want others to try it out.

As a new inspector (less than a year) and being a General Contractor as well Spectora provides a fast intuitive platform that optimizes my time on home site with home inspections and my time on the construction site. What I mean is it is so fast and intuitive that I rarely have to spend more than 15 minutes after an inspection to finish up and check my reports for errors before I publish and move on to my other projects. I am not a speedy inspector by any means but it has brought my inspection times down significantly.
I would also like to say that I have had a ton of feedback from Realtors and Home buyers how simple and intuitive the report is for them. Ssince our business really isn’t just about inspecting homes its about customer service and Spectora has that covered.
Not much else to say except that their customer service rocks and are beyond helpful. I hope they have a positive future so I never have to relearn another software again!

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