Saudi's warn Biden that if he doesn't return the assets he stole from Russia, they'll start dumping Western debt

Good job Saudi Arabia. The U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Biden had no right to weaponize it or confiscate the yachts of private Russian citizens.

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Oh surprise, surprise. All of a sudden the the U.S. is tying Saudi Arabia to 911:


How many more ways can this guy screw up America. God help us if he gets another four years.


Election or not, unless they’ve got him mainlined with adrenochrome, that man isn’t making it 4 more years.

Maybe they give him some of those stem cells…

Oatmeal For Brains needed a new yacht and his Crook For A Son wasn’t making enough money to buy him one.

The number of ways is astronomical! If he gets dumped by the DNC I fully expect him to take his last 5 months in office showing us a large number of new ways!


Some interesting history about Edith Wilson’s role in the White House when Woodrow became incapacitated. Seems to be a repeat with Jill Biden.


Then why did you vote to re-elect him in 1916??


Hah just screwing with you Bob.


A lot of people don’t know about what happened since they do not seem to teach real American History in our schools anymore.

. . . or biology (what is a woman, or how many genders?) or chemistry (how does CO2 interact with plants through photosynthesis?) or physics (how does conservation of energy work?) or political science/sociology (how the economy works, why bitcoin is a bad joke?) and on and on and on . . .


I’m new here, but I feel like I’m gonna like you guys.

Do we take this as an Omen of posts to come…??


Haha, probably- hoping to get more involved with the community.
Joined/started with internachi a while ago, but due to personal reasons had to stop until just recently. Jumping in with both feet now :+1: