Sault College supports "Mike Holmes Group

Hello All:

The new HI course for Sault Ste Marie, Ont

Students who enroll in this program will gain the knowledge and practical skills relating to residential home construction with an emphasis on developing the ability to recognize deficiencies present in the structures and systems comprising the building. Graduates will be in a position to assist home constructors and installers and will be capable of conducting a home inspection. Graduates from this program may also use the credential, knowledge and skills gained to support other learning and/or employment opportunities in construction related trades.

Two years of training to become an assistant or a capable HI.
No word about what organization will recognize them.
No word about becoming a “Licensed HI.”:smiley:

The MICB would very likely permit applying that training toward CMI’s requirements.

Hello Nick:

I agree with what you say. The problem with this course is recognition.
Information that I have dug up shows me no support from current Home Inspection unless it is from Caphi or Oahi member.
The course criteria does not fallow any known inspection association for the material. Take a look yourself and you will see what I mean.
Other problem is the material comes from individual men and not HI firm.
This is what makes me give it a thumbs down. Two years and no recognition from the top inspection organization.:shock:
What happens when they find out the Home Inspection program does not fallow the Carson Dunlop books that have been recognized as the authority on HI.…

The Sault College program can’t be as bad as Carson Dunlop’s. It seems fine to me from what I can tell.

Very true statement Nick.
I just hope that the AHJ do not do the same thing they did with "Carson Dunlop HI program. This is not going to help the existing inspectors in this town.:frowning: