Sault Ste Marie Area Flooding

This is what we are dealing with in Sault Ste Marie.
Many families will be affected by the flooding and it is not over yet.

What’s Hwy 17 like ? I’ll be heading through The Soo on Thursday on my way back home from Thunder Bay.

Just opened up Chris. You can get updates on Soo Today.

Maybe I’ll take the Sultan Road. Bypass SSM all together.

Chris, Thessalon flooded out best take 11 around highway may be closed a couple of days and going to be construction mess.

Since it is going to rain heavy on Wednesday you may want to get back ASAP.
At last count I would say 300 affected by flooding in SSM and one death on the highway.

Thanks for the info. Probably take #11, but I drove that way home last month and I swear it’s the bumpiest Hwy in Ontario from Lomglac to Cochrane !!

Don’t say that, I’m headed that way soon myself, 18 b black powder and bow last week of the bow hunt We went back through Thessalon last year for the salmon on the way home, Won’t be doing it this year though.

Sorry, Bruce !! There’s construction at every bridge and the road just sucks, but they were paving some of it. Maybe they’re done by now. ??

Latest update

**Many roads remain closed in and around the Sault (14 photos) **

Thursday, September 12, 2013 by: Staff

A number of roads in and around Sault Ste. Marie remain heavily damaged and/or closed as the area recovers from this week’s flood.

Fourth Line is currently closed to traffic as crews begin to repair a  heavily damaged portion of the road near the Root River Bridge  (pictured).

Motorists travelling north on Highway 17 may experience delays as  construction is underway to rebuild a portion of the CN rail line that  was damaged when two culvert sections washed away.

Road closures in effect North of the City of Sault Ste. Marie:
  • 	552 East is closed from Belleuve Valley Road to Highway 556.
  • 	Highway 556 is closed between Ulch Road and Bellevue Valley Road.
  • 	Local residents living off of Highway 556 will be permitted to travel the roadway north up until Ulch Road.
  • 	Residents travelling south from Searchmont will have to take a detour  onto Bellevue Valley Road then Highway 552 travelling west to access  Highway 17.
  • 	Kelly Creek Road in Goulais River remains closed.

    Road closures in effect in the Township of Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Add’l:

  • 	Highway 638 is open up until McCarrel Lake Road.
  • 	Bar River Road remains closed.
  • 	Cemetery Road remains closed (Watson Road Intersection to Bar River Road intersection).
  • 	Gordon Lake Road remains closed.
  • 	Iron River Road is closed.
  • 	Cottage road is closed.

    Closed roadways in Plummer Township:

  • 	Plummer Road: from Centre Line to West Rd
  • 	Duff Rd: from Ansonia to Hwy 17 East
  • 	Ledyit Rd: East of Hwy 638 – only passable for 1.5 km
  • 	Mount Zion East: East of Hwy 638 – only passable for 200’
  • 	Linquist Rd: full length
  • 	Mathewson Rd: full length
  • 	McPhail Rd: from East Line to the intersection of McPhail and Chapman

    Road closures in the Municipality of Huron Shores:

  • 	Jarrett Drive
  • 	Ansonia Road from its intersection with Hopper Road to MacLean Road
  • 	North Livingstone Road
  • 	Myers Road below MacKay Drive
  • 	Basswood Lake Road

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