First house I have inspected that had a sauna.

The home has one masonry chimney with a terra cotta flue.

Venting up the flue is a 50 gal water tank, 2 newer 2006 mid efficiency furnaces and the vent for the sauna.

The picture shows 3 of the vents. The other one is on the seperate picture. I questioned the clearance from combustables but if I remember from a past post that the clearance is not an issue were the vent enters the wallboard.

The exterior chimney brick & mortar were in good condition.

Q1. What are the venting requirments for a sauna?

Q2. Isnt it required that a liner & metal cap be installed on a 2006 furnace?


The realtor had a cold & I told her to go in the sauna & sweat iti out:mrgreen:

Besides testing the rocks for steam and to varify the sauna heated up what else would you inspect?

Buy the way this house had more shut off valves that I can remeber. I think I counted about 45. Some are not shone as they are in the sub floor area. If you look closely at the shut offs you can see where there is a leak into an electrical junction box.:shock:


The plumber definitely loves his work, putting in all those spare risers and valves. Is the vertical black iron at the left of the water heater gas pipe? The valve does not look correct for gas. The sauna should definitely not vent into a chimney, unless it is strictly a combustion vent from a heater.

I believe a metal liner is required only when the cross section of the existing flue is too great for the appliance(s), such as when a condensing furnace is installed, leaving only a water heater discharging into the flue.

I don’t know what the venting requirement is for a sauna.

Jim King