Save 25% on purchases from E-Bay

I have been shopping for a new IPAQ 111 or 211 over the last couple of days. I found a 111 on E-Bay for about 255 with tax. Before I clicked on that final commitment button I wanted to search one more time. During that search I found a link that said I could get a 25% rebate on the item if I followed their directions. At first I was a little skeptical, so I read all of the directions and disclaimers. After reading those I felt confident that it was legit and moved forward with a purchase. Thanks to the rebate I was able to upgrade to the 211 for the same price as the 111 after the rebate.

Follow the directions below and you can save 25% on items that you purchase through E-Bay. You can also purchase through other merchants that offer LIVE SEARCH CASHBACK also. For example HP offers a 20% discount.

Search on for the product that you want. In the paid links header and column you will see a link for E-Bay that offers LIVE SEARCH CASHBACK. Click on that link and it will take you to a page on E-Bay that has a list of all the products you were searching for that qualify for the 25% rebate. There is also a link that has all of the rules for qualifying for the rebate.

I hope that you find the savings as useful as I did.

I guess you’re going to get up your new software on the handheld.

I ran across that a few days ago myself. I does seem almost too good to be true.

For ebay purchases the basics are:

You must start from and pay with paypal
It must be a buy it now item
The rebate limit is $200 (25% of $800) per item
You only get 12 rebates - up to $2400
There is a 60 day wait to get the rebate