Save My License. First time I've ever seen of anything like it.

Prevent the need for such an expense by stopping the socialization of the home inspection profession in your state.

Hmmm. is not an insurance company, says Miller. Rather, it is a member organization and professional society of licensed professionals. Members are afforded legal defense services through a proprietary network of outside law firms.”

Then, pray tell, how can it guarantee the purported benefit?

I have it on good authority that it is one of those new fangled faith-based initiative organizations. :wink:

I don’t see how they could not be considered an insurance company. I would have had to put up 1 million dollars in just the state of Colorado just to offer bonding for NACHI members.

Exactly. And the million would not have been available for operations, only potential losses.


Joe, can’t you get us a bonding option with TP?

This sounds a little like Pre Paid Legal

When I see something like this coming from Nick and with its own page on the NACHI site, it appears to have his endorsement. However in the same thread he even questions what this company actually is. Isn’t there a way that some due diligence can be done before its promoted on the NACHI site?

Conceptually I like what they are selling but I don’t want to sink my hard earned dollars into a have baked scheme!



I’m pretty sure that, in his wisdom, this is one of the reasons for Nick’s posts - the discussion that ensues. This one, however, does not really look like it carries much of an endorsement from him, at all. It’s more of an “FYI - Caveat Emptor”.

Razzzles is a candy. No, Razzles is a gum. Candy! Gum! Anyone old enough to remember this?

Anyway, this doesnt sound like insurance or bonding at all. It sounds like pre-paid legal services. As Joe ferry pointed out, how can they guarantee anything?

As far as HI licensing goes, I would imagine that most folks at risk of losing their license is mrobably over administrative issues. I wonder how many of those inspectors simply defend themselves in front of an administrative board of some type?

I dont believe this covers the inspector in the event of a lawsuit, only administrative hearings.

Sure enough.


This is how it works here in Texas:

THE STATE OF TEXAS: “We want to take action against you, the
inspector, that has been licensed by our LAW”

THE INSPECTOR: “Wait a minute, I have a service that will stop you.”

THE STATE OF TEXAS: “Yeah, right - SWAT!!!”

THE INSPECTOR: “”:("" bongggggggggg…


They built a PowerPoint presentation for NACHI to better explain. Go here: and download it.

Press Release re-written so as to better explain:

Just got my 14th and 15th email from them. Time to block. Enough is enough.

Ditto John, toooo much

Me too and I got a phone call from them thanks Nick, how did they my private email address if it was not though NACHI. Shows what kind of a company they are they did not even know Florida is not licensed until I told them. Yet I still get the e mails which I have now blocked.

I can’t believe this. Now 16th and 17th. Do these block things work. I’ll try again.