Save the date!


August 17-19th. Orange County Convention Center Orlando Florida.
Located on I drive. Minutes away from Disney and the Airport. Make it a family vacation!

Details coming soon!

WOW…thats awesome!

Thank you sir :wink: I think so too!

Excellent! Looking forward to it.


The convention is going to rock. As usual, Michelle is going above and beyond when it comes to doing things for the Florida inspector community.

Perfect location. Not only easy to get to for Florida Inspectors but it opens it for all inspectors nationwide

Sounds expensive if I bring the wife and son…they will be at Disney for three days…

Hahahaha… Your wife and son will make you Dad of the Year. :smiley:

Actually, they have annual passes an usually go six times a year, plus, her Dad lives in Clermont so we could stay there.
It is the week after a golf tournament I put on every year in Sebring and I should be sufficiently recovered.
Pencil me in…

Be careful… I might just put you to work! :wink:

Whatever you need…
Just let me know in advance and if I can do it, I will.

Thank you so much sir. :wink:

Very good non commital commital

I am not going to agree to do something I can’t do!

Remember “Managing expectations”? :wink:

August is a busy month for me not to mention lobster season!

duh! that is why your supposed to “Save the Date” Hellllooooooo?! LOL

I have saved it…along with 364 others!:wink:
I’ll have a firm answer for you by the end of February. How is that?

Thank you for going with me to check out the facilities Aubrey. It was great to have a second set of eyes and point of view.:smiley:

Finally, one close to home for me! Michelle, you going into the convention business?

ha ha ha! I just might! :smiley:

John would have to replace me in the office tho… …