Save the world's trees from nuclear fallout. Surgically strike N. Korea now.

N. Korea now has the rockets. They have the nukes. They are broke. How long before they start selling the technology?

Are you buying?

After all, you’ve cornered the world’s gold market…I just thought maybe…

I predict Obama surprises everyone, quits worrying about silly stuff like tire pressure, and surgically strikes N. Korea’s nuclear program. On that day, I’ll evolve, overlook his overworked $ printing press, and become one of his supporters.,

You heard it here first.

North Korea don’t know what the US is capable of doing. They think we are still in the 50’s. New technology and a thunder blast! Maybe it would knock some sense in Kim IL Sung…

Yes. But the dear leader we have to deal with is Kim Jong ll his son. He’s even wackier then his Daddy.

Too many North Korean troops on the border with South Korea, and I believe Seoul can be hit with conventional artillery.

As with any communist military, you destroy their command and control centers and their army fails to function unlike ours where we have a reason to fight…freedom.

If not for the fact that their own soldiers live in fear that they or their family will be killed if they protest, I believe the NK army would not put up that much of a fight.

Or bailing out car industry…