Saving money on tubing?

I have not seen this before.

Its not pretty but it may not be a problem unless mfg. requires larger tubing than used. The installer just didn’t have a reducing fitting on his truck. :slight_smile:

Did your pipe welding experience over-ride the standards of practice?..:stuck_out_tongue:

Was there any refrigerant left in the line?..:smiley:

That is pretty much the way I wrote it up. The unit was serving a small casita, and seemd to be functioning as intended.

Dale, so you liked the solder joint too.:slight_smile:
Capillary action, not crimpilary action.:roll:

Well actually Dale, Yes.

Have you used silfoss or silver solder? Both are very strong and capable of what’s shown in the picture. Do have a different opinion?

I’ll bet the primary residence was a “Charmer” in Maryvale…:smiley:

Yes I have silver soldered, and if the line does not leak it makes do difference what it looks like unless of course someone might be entered in a contest, which I doubt.

Why do you ask?

Perhaps I misunderstood your RAZZ emoticon as questioning if I knew anything about “welding”. BTW what SOP where you reffering to?

Actually I was directing the post to my com padre BK since he was a pipe welder and pipe inspector in a past life.

I inspect to my standards of practice, which exceed any on the market.

Sorry for the confusion. That’s why I quote who I am responding to in most cases. :oops:

I didn’t know Brian had welding experience.:slight_smile:

Never was much of a welder Dale, that is why I got into the Inspection end of the business.:smiley:

Just for Info., smaller line sizes are necessary in some cases to reduce the refrigerant capacity of the unit. IAW equipment installation manuals, the refrigerant charge should be kept to a minimum to prevent adverse design performance. There are line size charts available from the MFG for the different applications.

Thank you David.

The unit in question was serving a small mother-in-law suite and seemed to be cooling the space quite nicely.:slight_smile:

I pretty much left it with “check the manufacturers guidelines”.