Savings enjoyed by consumers who hired InterNACHI inspectors tops 90 billion!

Estimated savings in U.S. dollars enjoyed by consumers who hired InterNACHI inspectors (Getting an inspection almost always pays for itself in terms of negotiating a real estate transaction and preventing future property damage.):

Sounds awesome and I am proud to be a big part of it, but how could a number like that even be calculated ?


Could you please explain how this could be possibly calculated?


?? Do you need some more time to work on this?


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I was seriously hoping to learn how to make up these numbers out of thin air.

I will admit and I agree with the fact that a good inspection will definitely save people money and even prevent health and safety concerns,. But what I don’t understand is how anyone can make up these numbers when the data does not exist to do so ? I see some snake oil vendors doing the same thing all the time, I just don’t get it.

The ironic part is that nobody can explain it…ever…


Yes. And remember, I don’t follow the message board so if you have a question for me, remember to email me at with the URL of the thread and the post#.

From real estate agent surveys we know the amount sellers have to credit buyers on average as a result of a home inspection. Often it is nothing and sometimes it is a small fortune, but when you average them and times them by the number of home inspections InterNACHI members perform you get the dollar amount saved by consumers who hired InterNACHI members.

You can arrive at a sum of a list of amount by methods other than addition.

Well, let me try this way: Let’s say I wanted to add up a list of 12 numbers knowing only their average. Let’s make up 12 numbers:

5, 18, 9, 122, 5, 7, 17, 0, 0, 1, 75, and 4.

Now on a very large list of numbers, we can get the average of that list by taking the average of a random sample of the list, but for this demonstration, we’ll just use the average of all which is: 21.917. 21.917 x 12 numbers in the list = 263. 263 is also the total of the list.

Does that help?

Sorry, but all of that is nothing but more made up made up junk.
1st of all you have no clue as to the real amount of inspections performed by anyone including Nachi inspectors.

2nd even the agents don’t know accurately the dollar amounts saved or spent on any repairs that came out of the inspection.

3rd your surveys would be extremely limited even if they exist.

Basically there exists no real, concrete data to any of this. IF I am wrong, please provide the actual data, not just some made up example of some simple math skills.


Nick Gromicko
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Yes we do. Again, (and I understand this is hard to get your head around), you can arrive at a total by methods other than addition.

We don’t need to know the exact number of inspections every member does to know the total number of inspections all members do. We know the exact number of inspections that many of our members do. We have that number from the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee registrations and from our online agreement system usage, etc. Anyway, if we know how many inspections SOME of our members do, and we know HOW MANY members we have, we can calculate how many inspections ALL members do.

I understand you can’t possibly understand this simplest of concepts. I do thank you for commenting and once again proving Exactly what I said, you have zero actual verifiable statistics, only your best attempt at a Guess. Not every inspector uses the buy back, nor uses the nachi agreement system, so your above example is like a bucket of water full of holes.

Thanks for proving my point again. Hey, if you do ever come up with any real data, please do share as we all would love to see it.



Not every member has red hair either. But if we knew how many inspections members with red hair perform, and we know how many of our member have red hair, we can calculate how many inspections all members perform. We don’t need to know how many inspections members with black or blonde or brown hair perform to perform this calculation.

Does that help?

That sure does help. It shows once again you have no actual data to back up your claim and you have a thing for red hair?..LOL