Says, Foundation repair Mike Haduck Drylock paint. It's Drylok ok? lol

1:15 some mold, why is there some mold etc…?

2:45 paints over remaining mold lol, okay

4:20 and 4:25 floor, are those water stains? just asking if that’s ok.

4:50 'we just wanna dig down below a little… ? lol yeah too much to excavate down to footing to get the rest of the problems, right?

10:50 – 11:15 inspectors come around… ‘they are selling the house and what happens is, inspectors always gotta find something wrong, it’s their job’

Well duhhhhhhhhhh, if and when there is something wrong then what is his problem with that?
Jezuz man, doing 1/2 azz’d crap as was done at this house/basement to try n hide-conceal some crap isn’t too cool now is it? So it’s okay to hide crap from buyers eh Mike? pfftttttttttttttt

12:15 ’ i never heard anything bad about Drylok’… really man? loololll

If what he painted over is NO big deal then, why paint at all, why bother? Why not just leave it in existing condition for buyer n all to see? Fricken nonsne man, lipstick on another pig

Then under video, comment section see all the kiss azz subscribers lololll Just like Dan the beer can-man, same old BS man = truth

Poo Poo on you!
He’s even made honest money to have his own air-o-plane… … . BURP

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GGGGggggggggggg man!

Mike Haduck is somewhat entertaining, but he’s not a trained mason. I think he started off his career as an accountant. One of my hobbies is picking apart his videos.